More Than Meets The Eye

January 23, 2022

I went to the eye doctor and saw the inside of my eye! Wow! He also showed me where my brain was! This doctor was very very nice and explained how my eye works! The more I know, the more information I can use for my creativity!


Parent, Teacher and Caregivers,

We all know that for a child, finding new experiences isn’t that difficult. Make an attempt and the new is everywhere for a toddlers. Things that seem mundane to you is new and exciting to them. This is what happened to me as we took Shawn to the eye doctor.

I have frequented the eye doctor’s chair since childhood. My eyes are really bad (-13 and -8.5) so I know the ins and outs of the ocular visit. But this experience was quite different. This amazing doctor didn’t do what my other doctors did. Instead of doing all the tests and then sending us along our way, he explained to Shawn what he was doing, why he was doing it and he actually let Shawn and myself SEE the results.

Shawn had the new experience of seeing the inside of his eye.

The doctor explained that he can tell whether a person has diabetes, high blood pressure, or even detect the cholesterol levels JUST by looking at this picture of the inside of the pupil. Fascinating!!

Shawn also saw his own BRAIN!! You can see your brain through the pupils of your eye!!

This experience made me realize an important point about my own creative growth.

Something that I considered routine and mundane, like a doctor’s visit, could turn into a new novel learning experience that blows my mind, (like seeing my son’s brain!!).

It’s all about reframing the experience, being curious and hopefully having the expert in the room be a teacher as well. Since openness to new experiences is the #1 indicator of a highly creative person, this is certainly an area I continue to work on. Having new AHA moments are a must. I wish to have just as many as my son who’s only been here for three years.

Both Shawn and I were blessed to have a new creative experience that we can use for future creative ideations.

He had a new experience but I had the beauty of finding the miracle in the mundane.

Instead of having a mundane Monday, let’s have a Happy Miracle Monday. There are miracles ALL around you ALL the time. More than meets the eye! 😉



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