Using All Of My Senses

November 1, 2021

Visiting my grandmother is packed with learning! I help her with her garden. I plant, smell and eat the leaves!

Yummy mint, basil and thyme!

I like to use all of my senses to connect with nature!! My brain thanks me too! -Shawn


CAFFE Diamond Creativity Tip

Each sense has its own ‘cortical real estate’ in your brain and they are located in different areas. By including multi-sensory experiences when you are facilitating your work increases the amount of network pathways between these cortical regions.

This is true for the classroom, the workroom and the boardroom.

Creating associations is the basic learning process. When you create interactive experiences for your clients, you increase associative linking so it’s a deeper experience for understanding and future retrieval.

Want to increase empathy? The ability to perspective shift? The ability to see life from another point of view? Resilience?

Increase the ‘cortical’ gateways into the narrative.

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