Sprinkle It!

November 1, 2021

Yay for sprinklers!! We love having new experiences.

I am so happy to the city of Buckeye for showing me how the sprinklers work at the park! I had a great time seeing new things. I even got to see the lake before it is done.

I can’t wait till it’s finished next year!

Thanks Park and Rec of Buckeye! I had a blast!


Diamond CAFFE Creative Tip

Experiences change the brain.

The number one indicator of a highly creative person is openness to new experiences. We intentionally try to schedule new adventures throughout our month.

But this was unexpected.

Just by introducing ourselves to the mayor and Shawn sharing his love for sprinklers… this came about. We invite you to try to incorporate new experiences in your monthly creative goals and introduce yourself to new people.

Who knows what will come about! Sprinkle some joy!

Intercultural Creativity® at its best!


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