Intercultural Connections!

December 28, 2021

My friends are from all over the world and give me many ways to think about my fun times! – Shawn


Does your child’s library have books where the main characters are from various backgrounds?

This is an important question because we now have neuroscience research that shows, the amount of intercultural exposure a child has in their formative years greatly affects their cultural competence in their adult years. They’re directly connected.

In today’s book market, there are lots of literature that feature main characters from various backgrounds but that was not always the case for adults today.

Shawn now has books in his library that feature Americans of many ethnic descents and occupations as well as characters from Asia, Sri Lanka, Africa and Latin America.

And now ‘I AM CREATIVE’ is on that list.

Shawn is showing these other children that there are people who look like him, who love to invent, sing, play, be curious and are brilliant.????

He’s showing them Intercultural Creativity®.